Research Faculty

Dr. Yongwu Rong Dr. Yongwu Rong is Professor of Mathematics as well as Associate Dean for Research and Strategic Initiatives in the Columbian College of Arts & Sciences. His research ranges from pure mathematics to computational biology. He has served as PI for several interdisciplinary training grants including the Data-Driven Mathematics and Statistics Training, Education, & Research (Data MASTER) which is closely related to this program. Dr. Rong has been a strong advocate for the Data Science program, and has convened a group of faculty to discuss this initiative.

Michael Mann Dr. Michael Mann is Assistant Professor of Geography and teaches classes on GIS, Python and R computing languages, and spatial modeling. His research has focused on the application of spatial data, and econometric techniques to forecasting of human/natural systems interactions. This has included modeling the economic determinants of deforestation in Brazil, forecasting housing development in California and economic losses due to wildfire, and agricultural modeling in Ethiopia. He also has interests in remote sensing, high performance computing, data visualization, and web mapping.

Dr. Tara M. Sinclair Dr. Tara M. Sinclair is an Associate Professor in the Department of Economics and Co-Director of the GW Research Program on Forecasting. Her research focuses on macroeconomic and labor market modeling and forecasting. She also serves as Chief Economist of the job site Indeed where she studies the labor market through data on millions of people searching for jobs online each month.

Dr. Chen Zeng Dr. Chen Zeng is a Professor of Physics with specialization in statistical and computational biophysics. His research group works on designing proteins of new structure and function. He also develops theoretical techniques and computational tools for quantitative analysis and visualization of omics dataset for systems biology.

Dr. Kevin D. Dayaratna Dr. Kevin D. Dayaratna is a lecturer in Mathematics and Data Science at The George Washington University and Senior Statistician and Research Programmer at The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Data Analysis (CDA) in Washington DC. An applied statistician, he has researched and published on the use of high-powered statistical models in public policy, medical outcomes, business, economics, and even professional sports. His primary research interests include Bayesian computation involving large data sets and high-dimensional problems. He has also consulted for a variety of organizations.

Dr. Amir Jafari Dr. Amir Jafari is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at GW Data Science Program. Amir earned MSc. in Mechatronics program from American University of Sharjah, and a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Oklahoma State University. He has conducted research in the areas of statistical modeling, neural network design, predictive modeling, and control systems for the last eight years. His research has encompassed a variety of application areas: signal processing, mechatronics, optimal and adaptive control, dynamic systems, neural network training, optimization, machine learning and deep learning. For the last couple of years his research has focused on implementing artificial neural networks for nonlinear filtering, predictive analysis and modeling. Recently, his focus is on training deep learning network architectures on big data using GPUs.

Dr. Edwin Lo Dr. Edwin Lo is Professorial Lecturer at GWU Data Science Program. He earned his Ph.D. in Physics from the Johns Hopkins University, with research interest in Atomic and Molecular physics. Currently, he is teaching Introduction to Data Science at the department.

Professor Yuxiao Huang Yuxiao Huang is an Assistant Professor of the GW Data Science program. His research interest is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, with a focus on the applications to Healthcare. Prior to joining GW, he was a Visiting Lecturer at Rochester Institute of Technology and a Postdoctoral Research Scientist at Stevens Institute of Technology. He earned a BS, MS, and PhD in Computer Science from Jilin University.

Blank photo Mike Wolf is the Director of Business Intelligence for The George Washington University. He is the manager of the Business Intelligence Services team which is responsible for the development of the University Data Warehouse and GW's Enterprise Business Intelligence environment. The BIS team has won several awards for innovation and service delivery, and helps to support key decision makers by providing insight in GW's complex data landscape. Mike has been a member of the GW community for over 10 years and previously has worked for the BI company Cognos (now IBM Cognos) as well as a higher ed ERP vendor. Mike has a Master's Degree in Higher Education Administration from the College of William and Mary in Virginia.

Jelena Roljevic Jelena Roljevic is an experienced business technology professional with a background in analytics, data governance, data management, enterprise architecture and program management. Ms. Roljevic is leading the George Washington University, Division of Information Technology (DIT), Office of Business Intelligence Service. As Assistant Vice President for Business Intelligence she is responsible for the university’s business intelligence, and data governance and integration, strategy and execution, resulting in numerous analytics solutions created to provide insight to academic and administrative decision makers necessary to drive the university forward