Dr. Selim Mimaroglu

Headshot of Selim Mimaroglu.
Professional Lecturer

Dr. Selim Mimaroglu is a Data Science Manager at Oracle. He earned a PhD degree in computer science from University of Massachusetts Boston in 2008. Dr. Mimaroglu has published peer reviewed articles on frequent item set detection, clustering, combining multiple clusterings, sequential pattern mining, genetic algorithms, automated valuation models, churn management, text mining, and recommender systems. In recognition of his work, he received:  “Award of Excellence” from the US Federal Government and “Outstanding Achievement in Computer Science” from University of Massachusetts. Dr. Mimaroglu received funding from private organizations and government bodies for conduction research and building proof of concept implementations in the areas of bundling, pricing and churn management. Dr. Mimaroglu worked as an Associate Professor at Bahcesehir University and Okan University in Istanbul.