Meeting the world’s demand for data-driven solutions

Who We Are

five GW data science students looking at two laptops on a coffee table

Nearly every profession relies on data to succeed. And with the huge quantities of digital information being collected and exchanged in today’s marketplace, the demand for trained data scientists is higher than ever.

The STEM-designated Data Science Program at GW's Columbian College of Arts and Sciences prepares students to meet that need and enter competitive careers in government, technology, private industry and much more.

Jaquan Outlaw

"The data community is huge here in Washington, D.C. From politics to health to technology, a lot of companies are just so interested in data science."

Jaquan Outlaw
MS ’18

What We Do

Tailai Jin and five data science students
Tailai Jin (MS '17) led a team of five data science students to participate in the Virginia Datathon. The team analyzed text mining on job descriptions in Virginia cities, and their final product was a job recommendation system based on user-input preferences and keywords.

Data science experts learn how to make sense of massive data sets, and they use that information to improve the way we live, work and communicate. Whether forecasting stock market trends, constructing a social media profile for a marketing client or capturing GIS locations for disaster relief, Data Science Program students become adept at meeting today’s most pressing challenges.

Alongside classwork, students strengthen their résumés with the practical knowledge required for data-intensive jobs. The program offers access to partnerships with numerous startups, companies and agencies, connecting students with internships and careers at employers like Amazon, Booz Allen Hamilton, Capitol One, D.C. Government, the National Institutes of Health, Oracle, the U.S. Department of Defense and more.