Graduate Certificate


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The Graduate Certificate in Data Science explores the fundamentals of manipulating and presenting complex data, a highly sought qualification across private and public employers. Coursework includes advanced statistical analysis and data mining, machine learning and statistical computing.

Students pair rigorous classwork with real-world professional experience at numerous startups, international companies and agencies with connections to the Data Science Program.




Curriculum Focus Areas

Both the master’s degree and the graduate certificate program combine courses from four areas:

  • Methods: Basics of data management and data analytics; deep expertise in the programming languages essential for data science, including Python, JavaScript and R
  • Applications: Elective courses in data science applied to a specific knowledge domain, such as astrophysics, political science and geography
  • Skills: Teamwork, project management and communication skills
  • Technology: Hands-on exposure to data-mining and visualization software and languages


"Every physics lab has maybe one or two theoretical physicists, but there’s always a need for [data] people who can actually program and code, run the technical models and analyze the results of experiments."

Meghan Foster

Data Science Graduate Certificate ’17

Course Requirements

Credit earned in the certificate program may be applied to the MS in Data Science degree program.

The following requirements must be fulfilled: 12 credits, including 9 credits in required courses and 3 credits in elective courses.

DATS 6101Introduction to Data Science
DATS 6102Data Warehousing
DATS 6103Introduction to Data Mining
One of the following:
DATS 6201Numerical Linear Algebra and Optimization
DATS 6202Machine Learning I: Algorithm Analysis
MATH 6522Introduction to Numerical Analysis
STAT 6201Mathematical Statistics I
STAT 6207Methods of Statistical Computing I
STAT 6210Data Analysis
STAT 6214Applied Linear Models
STAT 6216Applied Multivariate Analysis II
STAT 6242Modern Regression Analysis