Dr. Amir Jafari

Amir Jafari
Adjunct Assistant Professor at GW Data Science Program
Samson Hall Room 315
[email protected]
Amir Jafari Ph.D.

Dr. Amir Jafari is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at GW Data Science Program. Amir earned MSc. in Mechatronics program from American University of Sharjah, and a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Oklahoma State University. He has conducted research in the areas of statistical modeling, neural network design, predictive modeling, and control systems for the last eight years. His research has encompassed a variety of application areas: signal processing, mechatronics, optimal and adaptive control, dynamic systems, neural network training, optimization, machine learning and deep learning. For the last couple of years his research has focused on implementing artificial neural networks for nonlinear filtering, predictive analysis and modeling. Recently, his focus is on training deep learning network architectures on big data using GPUs.