Undergraduate Student Resources

Undergraduate Academic Advising

For academic support including questions about declaring a major or minor, reach out to your Columbian College academic advisor, or our Director of Undergraduate Studies Edwin Lo.

Data Science Undergraduate Curriculum Map

There are multiple pathways to earning your undergraduate degree in Data Science which are mapped out in the Data Science Undergraduate Curriculum Map. Note: The Curriculum Map only serves as a guide to support your career planning.

Data Science Help Desk

Experiencing issues with any program-required software installation or updates? Visit the Data Science Helpdesk for technical assistance, available to undergraduate and graduate students in the program, or taking our DATS classes.

Technical support is available throughout the semester in Room 304, Samson Hall. (You can go from Corcoran Hall SECOND floor, through the end-of-door hallway to Samson third floor.) For current schedule, please visit the Helpdesk website. You can also schedule a remote support session by sending an email to [email protected].

Career Services

Data Science undergraduate students can visit the Center for Career Services for career coaching, interview prep, networking support, resume & cover letter reviews, and more.

Visit the student employment website to apply for on-campus student jobs.

Undergraduate Student Resources