Degree Programs

Between navigating the intricacies of data mining, statistics and computer science in the classroom and learning one-on-one from industry experts, data science graduate students build a well-rounded skill set. Our graduates are in high demand in the fast-growing data analysis field, and they pursue careers from advertising technology to federal consulting to sports medicine.

The program offers a 30-credit master of science, a 12-credit graduate certificate and three combined program options for students looking to combine data science with a related discipline.






Application Requirements

All applicants must have completed courses at the undergraduate level in multivariable calculus and statistics. There is no formal requirement for a specific programming language; however, candidates are encouraged to demonstrate their comfort with programming and software in their application. Applicants who may lack specific requirements are encouraged to contact the program at [email protected] so we can provide individual advice on alternative ways to meet the requirements. See individual degree pages for details.



All graduate students in the Data Science Program work with an assigned advisor to choose electives, create a plan of study and navigate questions related to prerequisites and course registration. Professors and advisors also work to connect students with opportunities that can open doors to internships and full-time positions.

"Upon my graduation, I received an offer from my current employer, Discovery. All the knowledge and technical skills that I learned in the Data Science Program enabled me to pick up new tasks quickly because I was well trained in analytical and data architect mindsets."

Mengjiao Xue

MS ’17